Raising money - and awareness.

As I settle in to my new role, I am starting to get to know our fantastic volunteers and I am so impressed with their dedication and resourcefulness. Today, I'm delighted to announce a huge success on the part of Claire in the Scottish Highlands, who raised money by doing a car boot sale.

She's raised over £1100!

At first, I assumed that Claire had collected up some goods and taken them to a local car boot sale to sell in aid of PSS. I was astonished at the amount raised. But I was wrong - she'd actually done much more than that:

"I held an indoor boot sale in our local hall," Claire wrote. "I sold 25 selling tables. Supported by my wonderful friends and family, we had a cafe for visitors selling filled rolls, home baking, teas and coffee. We had a raffle, a few games and face painting. There was something for everyone! Despite the snow we had a great turnout on the day."

It was a brilliant idea and it certainly paid off. But Claire isn't finished yet!

"I’m also doing a raffle, and selling teas and coffees at our local panto in a couple of weeks," she said. She's hoping to send further funds raised in this way at the end of December. 

Claire explained a little of her motivation in working so hard to raise money for PSS:

"My little girl Jess is now 6 months old and I suffered with HG from week 5 until birth," she told me. "Like so many women while suffering with this, I had to battle with doctors to get treatment. To this day, I still don’t understand how they are able to leave women in such an awful state." 

Claire hoped to raise both money and awareness of hyperemesis, and she's succeeded. "I hope when my wee girl is older that women won’t have to go through what we had/have to. And I truly believe that every little bit helps," she said.

I'd like to congratulate Claire on her brilliant and very successful idea and to thank her for the money she raised.

If you'd like more information about raising funds for PSS please see our website.