Friday, 8 December 2017

Recovery: 10k by May

Whilst it's not yet time to put my plans into action, I've obviously been thinking a lot about my hopes to run the Cardiff Half-Marathon for the second time and to raise money for PSS in the build up to that event. The half-marathon should be the culmination of my efforts to get back to myself after the upheaval of the last few years.

Last time I ran the 'Diff, I also ran for charity and had a T shirt from them to show that I was supporting them. I plan to look into having T shirts made for myself and anyone else running with me. I'm working on deciding what to write on my fundraising page, and I'm also wondering if I can (a) beat my previous half-marathon time and (b) perhaps make it a sub-2hr time to boot.

One thing that I haven't given much thought to, however, is my training. 

In the past, after lapses from running, I've simply dug out my old trainers, perhaps ordered some new ones, squeezed into my running gear and...well, just run. I'd go out most days and run as far as I could as much as I could, slowly eliminating the need to walk in between. Not really a training plan.

This time, however, I may need one. Because I've been challenged to also complete the Cardiff 10k in May, and then the Great Midlands Fun Run (some eight-and-a-half miles!) in June. It works quite well in terms of increasing my capabilities before attempting the 13.1 mile race in October but it means I really need to think about how to stage my training.

I need a plan.

So, if you're a runner - or you know a bit about effective planning - then let me know your thoughts. I'm very out-of-condition, and very overweight, and I know I need to be careful, because I'm not as young as I used to be either! Luckily, some of my old running books have made the move to Cornwall with me and there is a wealth of information online too, so it shouldn't be too hard to design a suitable training programme. I want to incorporate some of the other elements of my recovery plan into that programme as well, because it's not all about the running.

10k by May - I can do this... Right?!

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