Tough Girls

My post as Fundraising Coordinator began on 27th November and one of the first emails needing my attention came from Lindsay, a PSS volunteer in Holywood, Northern Ireland:

"Coffee went well today," she wrote. "We raised £100 and I am going to do another fundraiser soon through my daughters school."

Lindsay organised a coffee morning on 26th November, with the congregation of Holywood Methodist Church, ably assisted by her three HG Hero daughters.

"My eldest daughter has just turned 7," Lindsay told me, "and this pregnancy she struggled as she really missed me." Lindsay and her daughter are involving themselves in doing  positive things to help her come to terms with what they've been through as a family. 

(And what a beautiful family they are!)

Lindsay's daughter has written to Blue Peter to explain about hyperemesis and tell the story of how she helped to look after her sister, even putting her to bed when Lindsay was too ill to do so. They are hoping that the programme will respond by sending out one of their coveted Blue Peter Badges and Lindsay feels that his would really change things for her daughter.

Lets hope that Blue Peter will oblige. But, even if they don't, all best wishes to Lindsay and her family, and huge thanks to them for their fundraising efforts.