Challenge Yourself

It's funny how vague ideas can quickly become concrete plans!

It will depend upon my losing some weight beforehand, but my parachute-jump idea is rapidly gaining momentum almost by itself - I know which company I would like to jump with; I know where; I know how much weight I need to lose to be able to do so... and I may even have another PSS supporter to jump with (or, perhaps, at the same time as, if we have to go to different locations in the end). A week ago, it was a nascent idea and now it is fast becoming an actual plan.

Which ties in nicely, in fact, with our fundraising prompt for January: New Year, New Challenge. Pregnancy Sickness Support is asking its supporters to step out of their comfort zones and do something challenging to raise money for our cause.

Now, if you're interested in a parachute jump, take a look at this website (the company I am thinking of jumping with) and do let me know about your plans. It may be that we can co-ordinate a group jump or at least share motivation and inspiration (I'm going to need a lot of that to overcome my fears).

But, whilst it's certainly quite an extreme thing to do, a challenge doesn't have to mean jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. It could be the 'Run Every Day' challenge that you take on; or maybe there's something you've always thought you couldn't do - like a zip wire flight or an abseil? What about smaller challenges, like giving up fizzy drinks (that's on my list too!) or giving up sugar in your tea? Anything that requires you to do something that discomfits you is going to be a challenge!

My own series of challenges - lose weight; get fit; run 10k, then 8 miles, then a half marathon; fit in a parachute jump along the way (more probably at the end) - begin on Sunday as I embark upon Nine Months Of Recovery in an effort to get my old self back. I'll be tracking my progress here and setting up a donations page for anyone willing to sponsor me. But I would absolutely love to hear from others undertaking their own challenges - whether over nine months or not - so that we can share ideas, compare notes and progress, motivate and inspire each other.

Whatever challenge you choose - and there are some ideas on our website - good luck!