New Year, New Ideas

Happy New Year!

Like last year, PSS has a new fundraising flyer, full of good ideas to help raise money for our cause. The flyer is going to be available to anyone interested in becoming a volunteer and will be included in our volunteer packs, handed out at conferences etc.

The flyer features Hayley, who hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu last year, raising over £400 for Pregnancy Sickness Support in the process.

Since joining the PSS team just over a month ago, I've been amazed and impressed not only by the dedication of the volunteer fundraisers and the amount of money that they have succeeded in raising, but also by the wide variety of activities they've undertaken in order to do so. For me, it's always going to be running, but we've had a couple of freezing dips in the sea over the Christmas period, as well as things like parachute drops, endurance runs, and cocktail parties over the course of 2017.

Our flyer has a prompt for each month, as you can see:

But there is scope within these suggestions for some brand-new ideas, and/or new twists on our themes.

In January, we're encouraging our supporters to step out of their comfort zones and embrace a challenge to raise money for PSS. I've been giving this some thought myself - the one thing I cannot contemplate is stepping off from a height, even though I'm not afraid of heights per se. So I'm going to be investigating whether I can do a tandem parachute jump in aid of PSS, conquering a long-established fear with someone to help me through it - just as PSS helps women endure through Hyperemesis. I'm not making any promises at this stage... but we'll see.

Does anyone else have a fear they'd like to conquer? Let's face them together this January and see what we can do.

There's more information on our website, of course, and by all means get in touch if I can help in any way with anything you have planned for 2018.

I can't wait to see where it takes us!