Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Up and Running!

Except I'm not.

Not yet anyway.

Whilst the first part of my plans to recover my old self is underway - a cold-turkey refusal to depend any further on sugary, fizzy drinks to keep going! - I am nowhere near actually being able to go out and run. Probably not even downhill.

Running is a tried-and-tested, popular way to raise money for charity, and I am no exception to this; I ran the 2014 Cardiff Half Marathon in a charity vest. But getting in - or back in - to running from a standstill position as a busy mum with a job to do and a home to run (no pun intended!)... it's not an easy thing to do. So I've been searching the web for some free inspiration, ideas and motivation...

Probably the best site for mums wanting to run speaks for itself - Run Mummy Run is the leading site for all things running mum, including a wealth of information on training, nutrition and kit. They also have their own shop and area groups for like-minded mums to meet up. You can also buy the book for extra motivation.

Less specific is the Runner's World magazine, site and community, providing race information (probably the best place to search for an event that you can participate in), training plans, and kit reviews. They do have a special area aimed at women runners, plus their very active community, in which all questions can be answered. I've always enjoyed the magazine and spin off books too - you can find the latter in WHSmith and Tesco. 

Their companion magazine, Women's Health, is one that I've read religiously since its first issue and  I find it great for inspirational and motivational purposes. It's not aimed specifically at runners but has all kinds of  tips, and covers a wide variety of topics, associated with an holistic approach to health, beauty and fitness.

Between the mummy-specific and the general running categories lies Women's Running, and its associated website. It's another one I've found useful when I was actually a runner in the past but I don't feel 'qualified' to buy and read it as someone who isn't (and couldn't be) running right now. That's probably just me, though and, nevertheless, their site has what you would expect, with information on training, health, nutrition and running gear. They also have their own series of races, and I've known them to feature plus-size runners in the past which gets a major thumbs-up from me. Running isn't easy at the best of times but starting out when you're larger is harder still, as I know only too well (I've done it three times). This article is on their home page as I write, and features the story of plus-size cancer survivor Viv Wilson, who is herself an inspiration.

Wherever you turn for your training plans, kit ideas, inspiration and motivation, I hope that, as the weather starts to improve and the days are longer, you'll find it easier and easier to get up and running. If you're running for PSS this year, please let me know, and I will do everything I can to support you.

More information is, of course, on our website. Happy running!

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