Is fundraising a daunting thought for you?

So this post is a lengthy one, but very beneficial if you are thinking of fundraising for PSS. The whole process can seem almost intimidating, there are questions that need to be answered, will you have time to see it through and doubts of whether it will be a success. We completely understand, so our aim is to help you along the way. You are not alone.

We have been in contact with Louise Dixon, once she made us aware of the efforts both herself and her group of friends are going to, in order to fundraise for us. After speaking with her, we thought this is a perfect opportunity to document a fundraising journey!

We wanted to know  why Louise decided to fundraise, how she began and how it made her feel. Louise is an everyday mum becoming a HG Hero and we know there are lots of you out there that can do the same. Below is our interview with Louise, alongside the pictures of their first meeting. A perfect excuse to see your friends, drink tea and eat cake!

The beginning of Louise Dixon & friends fundraising journey...

What is your story and why have you decided to support PSS?
When I was suffering through my HG pregnancy I had no idea what HG was. I didn't know it had a name, that there were different medications I could take, that other women went through it too. All of these things would have helped me through it. So, years later, when i discovered PSS I wanted to help raise its profile, to help other women to find this support network and have a better experience than my own.

How did you find out about fundraising for PSS?
I decided that I desperately wanted to become a peer supporter. When my welcome pack arrived from PSS, it included possible fundraising ideas and I realised that this was another important way to support the charity.

What are you doing and how have you started to fundraise for your event?
I didn't find it easy to think of fundraising ideas myself, but I am fortunate to have the most amazing friends to talk things through with. The same friends that supported me during my illness and ever since, immediately suggested that we all fundraise together! Knowing that I am not doing it along has been a great boost. Our group consists of Ellen, Bryony, Gayle and myself. We are all working mums with busy lives, so our events need to fit in to be achievable. It is fair to say that Ellen is the most energetic/fit/active of the four and she immediately signed up for THE GREAT NORTH RUN in aid of PSS. As a group we are going to walk 'A Marathon in a month' by walking local routes around Berwick-upon-Tweed in May/June but the dates still need to be confirmed. The sponsorship for these events will be collected by sponsor forms and also via a Virgin Money Giving page. Bryony is a seasoned fundraiser, so her insider knowledge is
amazing and she is guiding us through ways to increase the money we raise. It is all very exciting! Gayle is very organised and she will be the perfect planner, keeping us all in check. I have also started my 'nine months of... hell!' as I've started spinning, which I really dislike doing (I'm not very fit and find it so difficult that it makes me feel physically sick) - so I feel like it is the perfect activity to try to stick at for 9 months! The end fundraiser on this is a little sketchy, but I am thinking a spinathon, or a sponsored spin of a certain mileage... watch this space! 

What advice would you give people thinking of fundraising for PSS?
I'm probably not very well-equipped to give advice to other fundraisers as I'm such a novice! When i first thought about fundraising, it seemed difficult; what could I do? Would anyone sponsor me? What if I shared my ideas and people thought they were silly? But getting help to more women suffering from HG and pregnancy sickness by raising awareness of PSS is so important,, that it made it all seem less scary. With my friends beside me, it's going to be a real adventure! 

If you are fundraising for us we would love to hear from you!