Happy Monday

So this is the beginning my second week at PSS HQ and I am absolutely loving it! 

You may have noticed that I have started to have a little change around of the website, so please have a look and see what you think. I have also made a Facebook frame, so you can take PSS pictures and we would love to see all of your photos!

Follow the link https://www.facebook.com/ninemonthsof on the post about our new photo frame there is a try it button. Once you have your picture go ahead and post it on our page.

One of our lovely fundraisers Louise Dixon has agreed to give us an insight to her group of friends fundraising journey! They certainly have a lot planned for this year, keep your eyes peeled for more about them, what they are getting up to and how they are getting on. 

I think it is a great idea for a bunch of friends to fundraise together it can make it more fun, so why don't you see if any of your friends would like to get involved with you!