5 Fundraising Ideas to Fit in with your Day to Day Life...


I understand that fundraising needs to fit into your day to day life and what a bonus it is if you can have fun with family and friends whilst doing it! So here is a short list of easy fundraising ideas you can try...

1. Bake Sale 

The all time classic, what is better than a homemade goodie? Get together with your friends and family and bake! Chose somewhere to sell your goods and donate the profits.

2. Outdoor Games Competition

This one is perfect for a summers day! Get to your local playing fields with your friends, family and locals to participate in a game of Rounders, Cricket or even a simple obstacle course. Charge an entry fee for individuals/groups to join in, you can even include a prize for the winners!

3. Night in 

The swap, invite your friends over for food and a film night instead of going out and ask them for a small donation in return! The same fun and entertainment just at home. 

4. Bingo Evening

The ultimate fun evening! Hire your local hall, get your equipment, ask around for donations from companies in your area, advertise & GO! You can charge people an entry fee or per game.

5. Craft Sale 

Let the creativity flow! Do you enjoy knitting, making cards or anything crafty? Set up a sale of your homemade products and donate profits. The other bonus is that it gives you the perfect excuse to do something you love! 

So there you have it! A few simple ideas for fundraising, share your suggestions or what you have been up to in the comments section below.


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