"If you can survive HG you can do anything"

Here at PSS HQ we would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to Emma and her partner Jeremy for completing the London marathon after the birth of their HG hero! 

Read Emma's story below: 

"So this time last year I was struggling to get out of bed and was working with my GP to find the right Antiametics after being diagnosed with HG. I already had my place in the London marathon deferred due to pregnancy but had planned to run up until about 4 months... HG had other plans for me. A year later and 21 weeks after giving birth here I am with my HG hero and my amazing partner having just finished the London marathon. Ladies surviving HG makes us a very determined bunch of ladies that can achieve anything!"

Emma joined a running club 3 years ago and that is where her passion for running began. During these three years she met her partner, made some amazing friends and fell pregnant with handsome Jude.

Before finding out she was pregnant Emma had been accepted to run the London marathon and before finding out that she was suffering from HG Emma had planned to continue running and exercising for as long as she could.

 "I lost over a stone in my first trimester of pregnancy so had to stop running, I had no energy or fuel. My plan had been to keep running and exercising as long as I could, to keep my baseline fitness up. I couldn't do it which made the marathon even tougher."

This weekend Emma completed the London Marathon in 6hours 44 minutes only 21 weeks after giving birth. Running the London marathon is such an amazing achievement as it is, but with such little time to train and after suffering from such a debilitating condition, it is even more incredible.

I think this is an amazing story of determination and after speaking with Emma, she wanted the message to be clear "if you can survive HG you can survive anything". 

If you are thinking about taking up running head over to 'runmummyrun' there is lots of useful information on their page and you can even find local running groups specifically for Mums local to your area!


Let me know what you have been up to, or if you would like any support or information please email me at fundraising@pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk