PSS HQ went on a roadtrip

This weekend PSS HQ went on a road trip to Nottingham for our volunteers conference (my 1st) and I had the pleasure of meeting those of you that were able to attend. It was incredible to sit in a room of brave, strong and motivated women that have been bought together by such an awful condition. 

It was also amazing to sit and listen to how far the charity has come in the last few years, how much it has grown and evolved, we have been able to do so much due to our volunteers and fundraisers! 

In the afternoon fundraising had a section and it was decided that the ladies would split into groups, chose a fundraising idea and feedback to the other groups once they had finished. 

3 points our volunteers came up with to maximise funds raised:

Do you have friends that are beauticians, bakers or business owners etc.? This could keep the cost down and draw more people to your events. So ask your friends nicely or call in that favour you are owed.


Do you know of someone else that has suffered from HG in your area that might be willing to help you organise an event for PSS? Think of everything you can achieve by yourself, so just imagine what you could do in a group! 

Is there a theme that you could base your event on, for example a HG Hero Charity walk was an idea put out there at the conference. This could make it more entertaining for children and more appealing for families. It is all about the twists you can put on classic fundraising events to make yours stand out!

To those that I met on Saturday, it was lovely to meet you all! If you are thinking of attending the next one, I would really advise that you do. Not only do you get amazing information, but you meet great women, make new friends and overall just have a fantastic day.



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