Introducing the wild women Annie & Sadie

Name: Annie Nightingale 
Age: 35 
HG Heroes: Oliver (4) & Rohan (1)

My two HG pregnancies were by far the toughest 18 months of my life. In both pregnancies symptoms started around 4 weeks and lasted until 30 weeks in my first and all the way until birth in my second. I have never felt so poorly, alone and utterly broken. I was being sick around 40 times a day, I couldn’t swallow my own saliva without bringing it back up, I tore my oesophagus and regularly vomited blood, I was bed bound for months and in and out of hospital for rehydration. I was on medication throughout both pregnancies and although this reduced the vomiting, the nausea and headaches were always there... 24/7. Aside from all the physical symptoms, HG also impacts your mental wellbeing. I can recall points in both pregnancies were I hit my lowest and would have given absolutely anything for it all to stop. That’s one of the hardest things to feel when you know the what is making you feel like this is the thing you want the most. 

Until recently I thought flamingos were like unicorns... mythical creatures

The biggest challenge for me will be…all of it! Anyone who knows me will know how alien and far removed from me this kind of activity is. I don’t do camping, I barely do glamping. I hate getting wet, I love my home comforts and I am all about what I’m going to eat next. So surviving on expedition foods, sleeping in the elements with just a sleeping bag and tarp for comfort and getting up close and personal with a SheWee is going to be a HUGE challenge.

Name: Sadie Marie McClelland 
Age: 31
HG Heroes: Penelope Mae (4) Beatrix (2)

I suffered HG with both of my pregnancies. The first, like many I had never really heard of hyperemesis. I thought everyone was as sick as I was, they just happened to cope better, why couldn't I cope with vomiting every few minutes. I was sick nonstop the entire 9months, it did ease up around 24 weeks, still vomited daily however it was getting less and less, until around 26weeks when it came back until I gave birth to my first daughter. The care I received was extremely poor, it was only when I was vomiting blood in a paramedic’s bag at Heathrow was I taken to hospital and treated correctly by informed doctors. The whole experience still traumatises me today, and last year was the first time I felt able to go back to an airport. The whole HG experience gave me the worst social anxiety that crippled me for the two years after. Before our second girl, I went to the doctors to discuss my treatment, I was very worried i wouldn't be taken seriously again and left to 'survive'. This time the doctor reassured me I would. The sickness started at 6weeks, I thought I’d gotten away with not having HG. The sickness was so much worse, even though I had early medicated treatment it didn't stop me from having to have IV treatment in hospital throughout my second pregnancy. Both experiences will never leave my memory, the sheer lack of understanding from others is what pushes me to raise money for pregnancy Sickness support, to raise awareness and support those currently suffering with Hyperemesis. 

I can make a pair of boobs out of a napkin

The Biggest challenge for me won’t be the physical task at hand. It will be the social aspect of it all, although I have come a long way to overcoming my social anxiety, when my temperature is raised I find it hard to not feel sick, which creates an extreme panic and need to get away from social situations (Thanks HG). - It will be the hardest challenge for me.


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