Introducing Wild Women & Trustee Susie Nicholas...

Name: Susie Nicholas 
Age: 45 
HG Heroes: James (11) & Charlotte (7)

Why I am doing this challenge?

One of the most difficult aspects of HG was that it stripped me of my ability to function normally. Things that we take for granted, such as getting out of bed, having a shower, getting dressed or going to work became impossible and this left me feeling pretty useless as an individual. Having HG has made me appreciate being healthy and what this enables me to do. It has made me even more determined to challenge myself physically and never to take my health for granted.

For me, HG was a bit like climbing a mountain shrouded in mist.  I remember week 9 being a particular low point in both my pregnancies. It felt as though I had a mountain to climb but I didn’t know how far it was to the summit. So it seems appropriate (and a bit terrifying) that I will be climbing an actual mountain not really knowing what will be expected of me or what obstacles we will have to deal with along the way.

Why raise money for PSS?

I didn’t know about PSS when I was pregnant. Vomiting constantly was physically debilitating but I also felt very isolated and alone which was really tough emotionally. My experience would have been very different had I known about PSS and been supported by one of the charity’s volunteers. This is why I’m passionate about raising awareness of the charity and fundraising for it - so that it can continue the amazing work it does supporting women through an extremely difficult time in their lives.

I unintentionally dived with a shark - the diving part was planned the shark definitely was NOT!

What will be the biggest challenge?

It’s hard to pick one as there are so many aspects of the expedition that I will find difficult. In fact, I expect it will be the hardest thing I have ever done - apart from having HG, of course!

There are the obvious physical and mental challenges. The route is not an easy one but a direct route from A to B, taking in all the natural obstacles on the way – cliffs to rappel down, rivers to cross etc., and this will definitely push me to my limits, physically and mentally.

Wild camping is also a long way out of my comfort zone. My idea of camping (or should I say “glamping”) involves home comforts – comfy bed, log burner, shower and toilet - and so coping without any of these during the expedition is going to be a major challenge. (I’m trying not to think about the lack of toilets and what this will entail although I’m told that a She-Wee is an essential piece of equipment!!) We will also have to deal with whatever the Welsh weather throws at us at the end of October - quite possibly torrential rain and freezing temperatures – which could make for a pretty uncomfortable and difficult couple of days and probably not much sleep!

Finally, it’s pretty daunting that I’ll be doing all this with a group of women I barely know. But I can’t think of a better and more inspiring group of women to do this challenge with. I’m sure that working as a team and supporting each other we can conquer the Wild Women Survival Challenge.


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