Wild Women Survival Challenge 2018, Wales

A group of women who have survived a serious pregnancy complication, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), are out to show how tough they really are. 

It is very common for women with the condition to be told they’re “soft” or “just not coping” and “being a bit of a princess” when in fact they're tough women faced with a horrific medical condition. 

After long periods of illness (often having been bed-bound for months) they're getting fit and completing a challenging trek across Snowdonia in late October from Bethesda to Black Rock Sands using a direct route which will present various obstacles to traverse, so they will not only be hiking but rappelling, river crossing and kayaking also. 
Over the 48 hour challenge the women will also be wild camping en route. 

The expedition has parallels with HG in that there is simply no getting around the obstacles of the condition and no cure exists, but with the help of a support network the journey could be easier. 

Megan Hine expedition leader and survival expert said "I have huge respect for these women and what they have been through and continue to battle daily. They have resilience in abundance which puts them in a great position for completing this challenge. I am really looking forward to meeting them and hearing their stories."

Many women see HG as a survival challenge with similar obstacles such as malnutrition, dehydration and profound loneliness and isolation. 

Historically HG was the leading cause of death in early pregnancy and while mortality is rare now, women commonly feel like they are dying because without IV fluid and medication many would. 

Charity Chairperson Caitlin Dean who is organising the expedition says 
Approaching HG like a survival situation, with a realistic outlook and robust strategy can make surviving it more achievable. Additionally, having a strong team and emotional support is keys to surviving HG. I hope this challenge will help people understand the parallels between HG and situations people may find easier to comprehend, like a long hard a trek through treacherous conditions, climbing mountains and crossing lakes. I also hope to draw attention to the powerful impact of a support network, getting women through one of the most challenging times of their lives.”

Annie Nightingale one of the participants has said this about the challenge "The biggest challenge for me will be…all of it! Anyone who knows me will know how alien and far removed from me this kind of activity is. I don’t do camping, I barely do glamping. I hate getting wet, I love my home comforts and I am all about what I’m going to eat next. So surviving on expedition foods, sleeping in the elements with just a sleeping bag and tarp for comfort and getting up close and personal with a SheWee is going to be a HUGE challenge."

Jessica Atkinson is hoping that the team will support her to complete the challenge "I think I’ll struggle most with the mental aspects and the lack of sleep! I’m hoping my HG girls will get me through it just like they got me through those awful pregnancies!".

To find out more about the challenge, the 15 strong team and to show your support with sponsorship visit our website www.ninemonthsof.com/p/wild-women.html