Media and PR

In addition to undertaking challenges to raise money for pregnancy sickness support, the Nine Months Of team are hard at work promoting awareness of the charity,the campaign and Hyperemesis Gravidarum through various local and national media outlets.

If you would like to run a feature on our campaign or the work of the charity please get in touch. Our campaigners are happy to speak to journalists and are keen to raise awareness.

Here are some of our recently published material:

Radio Interviews

Kimberley on BBC Radio Leicester (21/08/2013)

Helen on BBC Radio Surrey (02/09/2013)

Newspaper Articles
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Katrina in the Spenborough Guardian (23/08/2013)

Caitlin in the Cornish Guardian (26/08/2013)

Susie in the Sutton Coldfield Observer (28/06/2013)